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Mr. Milovanovic was born in Belgrade in 1845. He graduated from the Law Faculty in our Higher School in 1865, and in October that year he commenced his work in the state administration as a court practitioner in the town of Belgrade. On May 3, 1866 he attained legal occupation as notary in the Ministry of Justice.
In October 1877 Mr. Milovanovic was promoted to a court member of the town of Belgrade; in February 1880 to the Main Control secretary; in December that year to the Trade Court president and in November 1883 again to the member of the Appellation court.
Mr. Milovanovic is appointed the lifelong president of the Serbian Stenographs Association.
For the requirements of the trade youth, Mr. Milovanovic composed the trade law, the state edition of which was published last year. The law is the most comprehensive of all the others of that kind, and it has been produced in accordance with the laws lectured at the foreign academies.
By the decree from October 11 last year, Mr. Milovanovic was appointed Second Class Commissioner in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where he became in charge of the national police organization. With that aim he analyzed Vienna Police and owing to the reformist streak of the current Minister of Police, Mr. Gencic, Mr. Milovanovic is currently engaged in the modernization of the said Police institution.