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November 19, 1899, in Cacak

Dear Minister,
A local innkeeper Mijailo Vuckovic submitted a telegram to the local telegraph directed to Ranko Tajsic in Cetinje, to inform him that he welcomed a baby grandson and that they were all in good health. I withheld sending of the said telegram, and as Mijailo, by doing this, gave evidence that he and Ranko are in correspondence, I initiated an investigation and carried out the search of Mijailo's apartment in which the following was found:
1st: Two letters from an outlaw Milan Brkic, one to Sima and the other one to Vojko, both outlaws, in which, among other things, he informs them that on the following trial he would retract the testimony he gave to the investigative authorities regarding Ranko and Milija Karic.
2nd: One section of the letter Milija Karic wrote from the Court detention in which (sequel on the next page) among other things, he points out that one man should be sent to Belgrade, who would arrange his and Ranko's release, and to whom lawyers should give a list of the members of the jury.
3rd: One letter from Karic, also from the Court detention, in which he states how and in which manner they should deliver him various packages in prison.
4th: Karic's notebook, the one he wrote while in detention.
5th: Miljko Soldatovic's letter from Lisa, dated on May 16, 1897 in which, among other things, he conveys he has something very important to tell him, and that he awaits a report from Turkey.
6th: One letter from Milija Karic's wife Zivka, by means of which she delivers a very important letter from Milija to one Borivoje, and in which she states that the content of the letter is not to be seen by another individual, and
7th: One unsigned note that, among other things, includes minutes of the investigation lead against Ranko and Milija. Mijailo is known as a passionate partisan, with restless soul and Ranko is his best man. I reverently report all this to You for Your information.
Please accept assurance of my highest consideration.
To the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Djordje A. Gencic

The Archive of Serbia, MUD P-1899-II
The Search report directed to the Minister of Internal Affairs