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February 23, 1900, Uzice

Dear Minister,
I informed You the other day about my confidential reminding of district and municipal authorities to abstain from taking bribe from people with whom they have official engagements. Immediately after, on the 20th day this month, the head of the Zlatibor district, Mr. Djordje Nedeljkovic, informed me in his confidential letter that on the 19th day this month Vitor Acimovic, farmer from Cajetina, gave him one golden Napoleon hidden in an apple as a bribe to revoke verdict of Cajetina municipality, and he penalized Vitor for this action to 15 days in prison, the money was given to the state treasury and the case was reported to all the municipal courts in his district. I asked the head of the district to explain to me what is the subject matter of the municipal court's decision, regarding which this appeal, followed by bribe, was presented, and I asked him to send me his verdict so I could analyze it and see based on which law it was taken, and (sequel on the next page: I have the honor to convey to you in confidence the false letter of the head of the district, with a humble report that I believe this act of the said head of the district presents evading and vicious justifying how decent and honorable he is, for I believe that if Vitor's appeal was nonetheless against some other municipal court, other than that of Cajetina, both appeal and Napoleon would be accepted, but since appeal was directed against Mijailo Jevremovic, the president of Cajetina municipality, and against his official work held by the head of the district as sanctity and superior to him, neither appeal, nor money had been accepted, and purity of captain's hands is made public to be heard and seen as, allegedly, the only example in Zlatibor. Whatever You, Minister, decide and order regarding this matter, I implore You kindly to inform me, and this is yet another proof that this head of the district should be distanced from the Zlatibor district, since he is known to be vain and money-loving individual, who is unconditionally submissive to MP Jevremovic, and holds his requests superior to both my and Your orders, so please Minister accept assurance of my outstanding respect and estimation.) To Mr. Djordje A. Gencic, the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The Archive of Serbia, MUD P-1900-I
Report on bribe and corruption directed to the Minister of Internal Affairs