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The Minister of Internal Affairs
March 8, 1900, in Belgrade.

To the Minister of Finance
Mr. Vuk J. Petrovic

Dear Minister,

The Main State Treasury has not provided the treasury of the Ministry entrusted to me with the remaining amount intended for secret police requirements for last year, valued up to 14,000 dinars, nor has it provided monthly disposition funds for January and February this year, 25,000 dinars worth. As You already know, expenses for these needs have to be paid regularly on daily bases, since the regular and rapid provision of police services necessitates regular receiving of money allocated from the budget. In that sense, it is my honor to ask You to urge the Main State Treasury to provide to the treasury of the Ministry entrusted to me both unpaid last year's amount, and funds intended for January and February this year, for covert needs and, in terms of the future period of time, to regularly provide required amounts of money by the end of each month. I kindly ask You to inform me of the order You plan to extend, and it is my honor Minister to extend the assurance of my highest consideration.

The Archive of Serbia, MUD P-1900-I
Letter of the Minister of Internal Affairs from March 8, 1900 to the Minister of Finance on more regular payment of expenditures for secret requirements of the Police