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The Minister of Internal Affairs
Confidential No. 1044
June 7, 1900, Belgrade

Dear Head of the District,

One Grujica Grdinic, Montenegrin, has been banished from Belgrade and he left for Montenegro. It has been found out that he has been banished from there to Turkey; however, as this banishment from Montenegro is suspected to be deceptive, and since Grujica is improper in every way possible and liable for all the punishable acts, I urge you to watch him closely and prevent him to sneak into our country. If, in spite of everything, he would come here, you are to arrest him instantly and inform me about it.
He was a lieutenant in the Montenegrin army; he is 26 years old, of medium height, slim, with brown hair, green eyes, tiny blond mustache, and longish face, blond.

To the Head of the District
Minister Dj. A. Gencic

The Archive of Serbia, MUD P-1900-I
Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs for the arrest of an individual