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The Administration of the City of Belgrade
November 28, 1900, Belgrade

To the Minister of Internal Affairs,

In European police' reports on anarchists, one Serb is mentioned, our citizen – Zivota Lazarevic, called "Lazar", a tailor of female garment, from Paracin, banished from Paris and France by decision issued on October 19, 1897. Zivota was born on January 10, 1876, he is 1,74m high, with dark hair and eyebrows, high forehead, blue eyes, flat nose common lips, round face, dark beard when he has one, and in terms of his personal features he has marked nail on the left hand index finger, a scar on the second joint of the same finger and a birthmark on the left side of his nose. Zivota traveled through almost every country in Europe and he currently lives in Berlin, working as a tailor for female garment. (Sequel on the next page: His mother and the rest of his family live in Paracin, to whom he often writes tender letters, he also takes care of them, and furthermore he is in love with a girl living in his mother's neighborhood. He often writes about Serbia in hostile tone, and rumor has it that he is a president of some secret society back in Berlin. He visited Serbia in the end of last year on the occasion of which he spent four months with his family. It is my honor to inform You Minister about this, with a request for You to draw attention of the authorities to a possible arrival of Zivota, to watch him closely. Furthermore, I politely submit to You 18 latest pictures of Zivota from 1899, taken when he was in London.)

The City of Belgrade Administrator B. Marsicanin

The Archive of Serbia, McD P-1900-11, Report directed to the Minister of Internal Affairs stating that European Polices' reports on anarchists include one Serbian national