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Comrade Marko, I received a letter, through Cida from Zagreb, with the following content:
1) "Allegedly, one German general Jorga has his agent in N.O.V (People's Liberation Army). He is Croat, with Serbian nationality. He is in Bosnia, somewhere around Bihac and he is the chief of the intelligence department number 4."
2) "One H.S.S. member Ivsa (or Ipsa), an officer for liaison with English officers. The first letter of his name is S. He is near N.O.V. headquarters. He is Kosutilj's man and he is in contact with Zgb and with colonel Babic in Italy. Allegedly, he is in Zgb at the moment." Please have all this checked and inform me on the real situation.
Bye, Tito, sgd.
Letter from J. B. Tito from May 15, 1944, directed to Aleksandar Rankovic on links between the German Intelligence Service and People's Liberation Army (NOV)