Security Information AgencyБезбедносно-информативна агенција

From establishment of the Department for Secret Police Work in 1899 up to the end of WWI in 1918

The civil security-intelligence work has been institutionalized for the first time in Serbia by Law on amendments of the Central State Administration organizing ("Serbian newspapers – The Official Gazette of the Kingdom of Serbia, no. 227, from October 8/20 1899"). By this Law, adopted on October 5/17 1899 on the session of the National Assembly held in Nis, the Department for Secret Police Work was established within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with task "to ensure the preservation of the internal state order and worldly security in general ".

This Department's field of work included intelligence and counterintelligence activities, suppression of anti-state propaganda and outlaw activities, suppression of terrorism, corruption and similar.

On October 11/23, 1899, Jovan S. Milovanovic was named the first Head of the Department. Milovanovic was the founder of Serbian stenography, the former president of the Trade court and retired member of the Appellation court.

In terms of organization, the secret polices of France and Austria-Hungary served as models to the Department for Secret Police Work. The Law stipulated that, apart from the Head of Department, the Department should have its secretary and lower ranking officials, as well as an independent archive that stored "all the acts of confidential nature" "under the special surveillance and care of the Head of Department". Duty of the first secretary of this Department was carried out by Milan M. Djordjevic.

In accordance with the King Aleksandar Obrenovic's Decree in 1900, the Police department in the Ministry of Interior became competent for the work of the Department for Secret Police Work.

Respecting the significance of the first legal structuring of civil security-intelligence work in Serbia, the Security-Information Agency celebrates October 17 as its day.