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BIA shares common destiny

BIA in media / Press - January 4, 2009

For the Security-Information Agency, it has been allocated 3.510.866.00 dinars out of the budget for 2009. 

BIA Head of Logistics Mr. Zoran Milkovski said to “Weekly Press” that BIA would strive not to make unnecessary expenses to the State and that it would be economical to the degree that does not hinder activities of the Agency.

- Last year we saved about a hundred million dinars. Due to the financial crisis, we are trying to be as economical as we can. We share the destiny of all the citizens. However, our job is primary so we have to spend where it is necessary – said Milkovski. 

Out of three and a half billion dinars obtained from the budget for 2009, the Agency has set aside million and a half for donating NGOs. BIA allocated 46.891.000 for the budget item «contract-based services», for «specialized services» - 32.240.000, for staff prizes and other special expenditures – 117.065.000 and for «compensations in kind» - 5.900.000. BIA plans to spend 293.673.000 for machines and equipment and 205.795.000 dinars for the supplies. 

Milkovski said that the Agency allocated million and a half dinars for the «Banjica» Association of retired Agency members.

- All ministries have that kind of items. This kind of a donation has been introduced for the first time to our Agency. The Association itself was founded about a year – year and a half ago. It has been planned to subsidize the Association from part of the money obtained from the budget, e.g. for telephone bills and some other costs. I do not believe that the entire million and a half dinars, that at the first glance may seem as a lot of money, is going to be spent. That sum of money was allocated for that particular item, but I believe that less money is going to be spent – said Milkovski. 

He explained that BIA has certain requirements that its staff cannot fulfill due to various reasons or that are “not worthwhile” being fulfilled. In such cases, the Agency usually hires people on temporary service contract.

- For example, last year we were engaged in handing over the documents to the Serbian Public Records Office. The staff did not have time to get involved in that activity, so we appointed retired members of the Agency for a month or two. Item « contract-based services » refers to employing software experts, legal experts in cases where the Agency is sued by a third party, as well as for seminars, education and advanced training of the staff -  said Milkovski. 

He explained that 32.240.000 dinars for «special services» have been assigned for health care of the staff on temporary service contract, for Public health services, maintenance of BIA premises throughout Serbia, graphic services...