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BIA More Open To The Public - Criticism for The Police

BIA in media / Blic - March 25, 2009

Implementation of the Law on free access to information 

BELGRADE – In last year the Security-Information Agency (BIA) have taken significant steps regarding the handling of requests of the Commissioner for information of public significance, complying with legally determined procedures, obligations fulfilling and publishing information on its work – stated Rodoljub Šabić in his annual report on the implementation of the Law on free access to information.

The report states that in the previous years BIA demonstrated “inadmissible, ignorant attitude for the Law on free access to information, the rights of citizens and the public, as well as for its own obligations from the law.”

- BIA, as well as other state bodies, still need to work on improving their attitude towards the public, but it should be noted that in the last year significant progress was made – stated Šabić.

Jovan Stojić, chief of the BIA director’s cabinet, said that in the last year the Agency received 22 requests, one of which is rejected, while others are adopted, and requested information is submitted. 

- BIA also acted in accordance with eight executive decisions of the Commissioner on the grounds of previous appeals. BIA provided requested information for three cases, while in other five cases it is stated that the Agency didn’t have requested information. In four such cases BIA directed information seekers at the institutions that have the requested document - said Stojić.

In his report Šabić stated that, judging by the data on rejected requests or deprived information, the Ministry of Interior has certain problems in law implementation as well.

- The most striking indicator of law neglecting is the fact that Commissioner’s mandatory decisions are not being executed, which is in great extent an inherited problem. In last three years the Ministry of Interior neglected 14 effective decisions – stated Šabić. He said that for these problems he contacted Minister of Police, estimating that there are real possibilities that the Ministry of Interior will improve relations with the public in the following year.