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Security Information Agency day

Statements / October 17, 2008

On October 17, 2008, The Security-Information Agency's Anniversary Day, A Reception Was Organized At The Headquarters Of Bia And On That Occasion, The Director Of The Agency Addressed Those Present:

It is great pleasure and honor to be able to greet you in the name of the Security-Information Agency of the Republic of Serbia and to thank you for accepting the invitation by which you have magnified the celebration of Agency’s anniversary.

The history of the security services in the Republic of Serbia exists for 109 years, starting from October 17, 1899, when the Law on establishing the Section for confidential police tasks within the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Serbia was adopted.

During all the previous years, security services have more or less successfully tried to give their absolute contribution in protecting the national security. Throughout history there were periods when the services by their activities provoked results that were contrary to their cause of existence. In some period of later history, these deviations from the security services’ true responsibility have been of such a scope and character that they actually caused damage to citizens of the Republic of Serbia. Even then, the majority of service employees honorably and professionally conducted their duties, primarily trying to avoid all the traps of unprofessional conduct, party membership, and subordination of service to personal interests of an individual or a group. Those who have not resisted to such temptations are no longer members of the Agency. In addition, in the previous few years, a huge effort was made to rejuvenate the Agency and depoliticize it with the exclusive aim to enable the Agency to conduct activities for which it was established, that is to protect the security of the Republic of Serbia and its citizens.

Besides regular responsibilities, the Agency is also obliged to, through its engagement in the domain of fulfilling the international duties of the Republic of Serbia, give its absolute contribution to European integrations of our country. The Agency conducts this assignment with enormous engagement of all its resources and devoted effort of its members. The results of such activities are visible and we hope efficiently to complete these tasks in the next period.  

In addition, the Agency has given absolute contribution to the strengthening of our country’s international position by its engagement within the scope of international cooperation through contacts with partner services from abroad. The Agency has become a full member of some regional security services’ associations, and memberships to other associations are expected, with the final goal to jointly combat every security challenge of modern age.

In the following period, the priority to Agency’s leadership shall be further personnel rejuvenation, by employing expert workers, who have undergone rigorous selection, as well as the persistence in the demands that the Agency must be in complete compliance with legal regulations plus state and national interests of the Republic of Serbia.

The Agency, as priority, shall combat all forms of terrorism as well as international organized crime, besides its basic goal, which is counterintelligence security of the Republic of Serbia. Naturally, the Agency shall also accomplish enhanced cooperation with other security services in the Republic of Serbia as well as other state organs.  On that occasion, in the name of Agency’s members I would like to thank all state organs and institutions that have assisted us in our activities, and I would like to stress that the cooperation was open, with mutual understanding and agreement.

Dear guests, once again I would like to thank you and wish you a pleasant stay in our Agency.