Security Information AgencyБезбедносно-информативна агенција

The Agency destroyed 323,4 kg of heroin, 130 kg of cocaine, 2,8 kg of cannabis and 1,8 kg of hashish

Statements / December 23, 2008

Following the principles of the Public Information Law and acting according to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance, Security - Information Agency announces the following:

  • On December 23rd, 2008, within the sections of thermo-electric power plant "Nikola Tesla A" in Obrenovac, the Agency destroyed 323,4 kg of heroin, 130 kg of cocaine, 2,8 kg of cannabis and 1,8 kg of hashish.
  • The above mentioned amount of narcotics was stored in the adequate area within the BIA Security Institute.
  • These narcotics were delivered to the Security Institute according to the procedures after seizure. The narcotics were temporarily stored within the Security Institute and examined by the experts.
  • Since in time the court verdicts came into effect and the need for further storing cease to exist, the Director of Security - Information Agency formed a Commission, which included the representatives of judiciary as well. The Commission´s task was to take samples of the mentioned intoxicating substances, to test, analyze and then destroy them.
  • The acting of the Commission was strictly based on the regulations of the Criminal Code and the regulations of the Criminal Proceedings Code.
  • The whole procedure, from the moment of unlocking the warehouse until the completion of the destruction, was documented in the form of a video record.
  • We particularly emphasize that, after this destruction, there are no narcotics of any kind and form left within deposit property of Security - Information Agency.

Jovan Stojić, Chief of Cabinet