Security Information AgencyБезбедносно-информативна агенција

Committee on defense and security visits Security Information Agency

Statements / April 23, 2009

On 23 April 2009 the members of the Committee on Defense and Security visited the Security Information Agency. The visit was realised in line with the Committee's conclusion to visit all three security agencies in the Republic of Serbia.

The topic of the conversation with the Security Information Agency Director and his closest associates was how the Committee could best perform its role in parliamentary oversight over the Security Information Agency, in line with the Law on the Basic Structuring of the Republic of Serbia Security Agencies.

An agreement was reached on the need to further cooperate on strengthening the Committee's capacity to perform its authority, under Law, to implement parliamentary oversight over the security agencies.

The members of the Committee on Defense and Security will soon pay a visit to the Military Security Agency and the Military Intelligence Agency with the same purpose.

National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia (Published: 23.04.2009)